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Rindigo - Nightshapes

But what I really imagine with the word “nightshapes” and how it is put against the music is also related to the album cover. The second half, with the warm blanket of ethereal tones and the deep bass is like staring out of a dimly lit room into the cold, cold night, with a smile of somber contentment on your lips. the feeling after good friends have gone home after you threw a party. the knowledge that your night was spent irresponsibly in crazy fun drunken revels, but far away you know you family has long gone asleep and that you love them, and you know they love you. the feeling of sitting in an almost empty terminal on a rainy morning and you see the dawn between the horizon and the sky, and know that once you take off and once you land, some of your loved ones will be both left behind and there to meet you. The crazy recollections of love in an empty room illuminated with a garland of christmas lights.

It’s a more personal post than I maybe should make on a very public musician tumblr page, but I is a truly significant piece in my heart. Thanks for giving my music a listen, thanks for liking and sharing, and I hope you enjoy it.

Truly great work. Take a listen and a little journey